An intersectional cultural residency

For a society of frontier seekers and people of ebullience.
A six-day retreat in an iconic location.
A wild love letter to the power of those who create.
A space peopled by sunlight and the sea—long conversations, communal meals and powerful ideas.
An escape, a place to be cared for, a point of inspiration.

In 2020, 25 top creatives from around the world will be invited to attend a 6-day cultural residency in an iconic location. The majority of attendees must be nominated/invited but we will also accept some open submissions to celebrate the creativity we have not yet discovered.


That deeper dive into history, priority, collaboration and positive impact has led me to strive to make what we do a bigger part of the larger conversation of community and the future.
— Zack


It gave me the confidence when I got back to work. Like I was important and that I have arrived in some way. With this comes fearlessness to ask for what I need.
— Anya


It strengthens my perspective that every person has the power to be great.
— Sal