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Combining storytelling, culture and community

We design immersive culture experiences that bring people together in iconic locations around the world. These experiences are powerful ways to connect influential people from your community to your story, to create content and to develop a powerful cultural point of view.


How it Works



a distinct point of view

First we develop a powerful objective for bringing people together—past examples have included female empowerment, owning your own narrative and enhancing creativity.


Location, Location, Location

Then we find a physical location that is the perfect backdrop for telling the story because of its history, community and geography.


Define the community

Together, we define who will be part of our community from attendees, to speakers to event partners.


Everything Else

We do all the rest from managing travel to on the ground production to ensure that it is the ultimate in authentic, personalized hospitality for you and your guests.



Our Clients



Running Ibiza

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Where We’ve Traveled

We are experts in logistics and quickly becoming deeply connected to new locations. We ensure that you have a seamless hospitality experience that feels as though it was designed specifically for you by expert, local hands.


Marfa, TX — ABQ, NM — Key West, FL —Jackson Hole, WY — Palm Springs, CA — Dominican Republic — Matera, Italy —Ibiza, Spain — Paris, France — Iceland —Mexico City, Mexico — Marrakesh, Morocco



Under Southern Skies

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Our Partners

For each experience we assemble a local team of top partners. This allows us to create an experience that is deeply local and authentic to the place.


Hotel/hospitality partner

We typically work with independently owned properties that emphasize sustainability, design and local culture — with an iconic history.

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Local artisans are always a key part of our program and creative direction from locally crafted in-room gifts to talented florists.


Chefs and Mixologists

We partner with top chefs from around the world to design a unique culinary program that extends the narrative at each meal.


Local Icons

As a part of our programming, we always integrate local icons who have shaped the places we are visiting and are deeply connected to the narrative our experience is trying to tell



On the Mesa

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We believe that how we do anything is how we do everything.  This means that the way we create the event is just as important to use as the outcome.  As a result, our experiences have a deep emphasis on sustainability.

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Limiting waste

We do this in a variety of ways including, eliminating single use plastics, reducing shipping costs and donating all excess materials/goods.


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Investing in Local Communities

The majority of our budgets are invested locally and we work hard to ensure these investments support businesses that are independent, women or minority owned, provide fair wages and also incorporate sustainable practices.


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Responsible sourcing

We work hard to ensure that the ingredients of our events from food to flowers are sourced from local businesses/individuals that prioritize sustainability.


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